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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2013 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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if you have not filled out a public card please do so. i'll read a batch of names and you can line up on my side to the right. (calling names) >> public comment will be two minutes when you have 30 seconds you'll hear a soft bell. >> good afternoon. i'm a member of the san francisco action partnership cookies.
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i think it's important we look at supervisor kim's ordnance as well as supervisor wiener's. i have an overhead here of park merced. per sequa guidelines public agencies must carefully consider any potentially feasible alter that may minimize a significant environmental impact. and this is sequa 5.1626 it must contain a thorough decisions that do not included that
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dpoogs. the bulldozer are torn down adjacent to a large community and the loss of an open is that a that was part of the hearing where the public lost and the individual tenants went from 1 thousand square feet to 1 hundred square feet and none of this was addressed. it was raised but the public agencies in charge doesn't due their diligent duty and that's why we're here today. we must have adequate comment in the process >> thank you, mr. wood.
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>> thank you very much i'm george coalition for san francisco neighborhood. a couple of thoughts. i think the best way to look at this sequa legislation it's not my legislation or your legislation i've heard that a couple of times today. i think we should look at the best for all are i want to thank president chiu. i think some of the things he's added are very good where specifically he supports supervisors kim alternate to sure all appeals inform to the environmental determination at
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the whole board. personally support the trigger and you have to understand that most of her legislation has been grafted by the community. one of the things that the community neighborhoods have a lot of it seems to be fundamentally helping the planning department and talking about helping the developers but it is like planning overwhelmed. i want this to be not so much about what the planning department can and can't do. so i want to thank you. again and that's it. thank you >> thank you.
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>> supervisors thank you for hearing us again. and thank you, president chiu. and i like the notes i was able to take awhile you were speaking so far very, very much. considering your remarks last hearing. the thirty days after final approval is still a great certain to me i know of many instances that hadn't been handled credible. the amendments put forth today start to move in the right direction and i'll hopefully have this in two weeks be able to get you some written comments
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but we're on the right track >> thank you very much. next speaker >> good afternoon supervisors i'm chair of the san francisco action coalition i hold that position as a volunteer for green alliance. one of the members of the endorseer of the supervisor wiener's legislation. i'll be back in two weeks in the continuance happens. i think it's importance to not this is heading in the right direction. i too was listening to them and nothing jumped out at me as something that will be a certain. i'll be taking copies.
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but we thank supervisor chu for stepping in to correct what might be flaws in the original legislation but overall we're strong supporters is of supervisor wiener's legislation. this has been a process that's n a decade in the making. this has taken a long time to get to this point and it's time to bring it to a close. with that said we haven't looked at supervisor kim's legislation in detail and i believe we should do that. whatever we like we'll approve in supervisors kim's and
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whatever we don't we'll oppose. >> thank you. next speaker >> i'm the project person for the coalition project. this has been a process - was one of the reasons this happened. as we noted before the sequa has been going for 10 years. we have badly needed improvements. we know that the sequa has done damage this includes the public projects as well as affordable housing construction that hurt the process. can we not admit that the process of sequa harms the
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process. supervisor weaning doesn't talk about how sequa improves the environment. this has been through months of community outreach it's been changed foments. unfortunately, this most of us in the wrong direction. its promise is one that we have not had enough time to appeal. the bid before you is a simple one should we adopt rules that move forward please support supervisor wooenz legislation >> good afternoon coordinator of the sequa improvement team and happy earth day.
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today is earth day. i want to remind sequa and earth day were born in the seem time period. it's the strongest tool that the community has this sequa. and we should not take amendment the sequa process lightly. and even though we can't all the time the state law wherever you are asking the community to change sequa you're asking to change state law. and especially earth day is a time to take this seriously. supervisor weaning a lot of your amendments look interesting, however, we would also is a we spinster a lot of work working
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on the legislation that supervisor kim put forward and it's much more elegant a solution at this point. we want to make sure we wait until supervisor kim's legislation come forward before we decide how to move this whole passage forward. let's make sure we wait until all 3 ideas are together. finally, i want to speak to the issues also what supervisor campos brought. right now people feel like they've got to run those projects through like a steam locomotive. >> thank you, mr. brooks.
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next >> thank you for the opportunity to commend you for the bringing up the legislation supervisor kim that he president chiu in moving this forward. for those of you who didn't have my previous testimony. in terms of the immediacy of our needs we need to look at the basis of appeal. appeals must be taken on the accumulate measured open the value of the community involved by their environmental effectual in surrounding areas. this is in tsequa process. i can't arbitrary assign this
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you have to have criteria. the positive should be fully opportunity by general fund then by the basis of the permit and planning funding it's based on the amount of funding. this punishes small-scale entrepreneurs. third you need a city and county assistance cooperation that will have help from future costly funding. and fund subsidies for public development public builders.
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i have exceed the two minutes. and that's pretty good. >> next speaker. >> hi i'm michael. i'm a member of the park merced coalition and have been involved ♪ the sequa legislation as well. i want to thank everybody here supervisor weaning for taking that on and bringing forward those contentious issues. supervisor that kim for picking up the neighborhood communities effort and working to simplify and a clarify them and president
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chiu for creating a bridge here. i don't care really who's name t is on this legislation. i feel like each one of those phases is moving it forward. i want to make sure we have plenty of time to consider the appeals i don't want to see this rushed out of subcommittee before supervisor kim's legislation can be looked at. in 1970 when both sequa and aircraft day begin i was in the design position. we sent students out to find materials for artistic purposes and i want to say on earth day
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please let's not rush this process forward. there's so many good changes in supervisor kim's legislation and the articulation and clarity is very reassuring to us in the community and i appreciate the changes you've made too president chiu >> thank you very much. next. >> good afternoon supervisors i'm paul. i guess i'd like to focus on one very small area of the amendment that was proposed. that was the issue of the environmental officer having the authority to determine if changes are significant.
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having the authority is we have but does this have the responsibility to review all of them or not? the changes there are a lot of changes during the legislation. i believe at any time trying to do surgery with a blunt sword. i would encourage you as part of the amendment add language directing planning department and d b i to stash guidelines on what triggers a review by the environmental officer in project changes so there's some clarity in expectation. i think that would go a long way to benefit everyone. and as near as i can tell it's absolutely lacking in any of the
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documents. thank you >> thank you. >> thank you supervisor. there have been relatively few appeals of sequa appeals in san francisco please don't be swayed by a if you stories. over 41 organizations worked with supervisor kim and i think that her legislation is straightforward and would be a good basis to add in parts of your legislation supervisor wiener and part of the changes that supervisor chu has suggested. the sierra club, black human rights council and golden gate alliance, san francisco green party, san francisco agricultural hemorrhage and green action for health and
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environmental justice. west of twin peaks council. cool valley improvement coalition. council for community housing organizations and take back our parks just some of those 41 organizations that have put in sweat here. we need to have the time to fix this went and i appreciate your giving you the time today and because of the schedule for historic preservation we're going to ask that you put you all of this about a month to three weeks out until kim's legislation can go through both planning and a historic legislation. thank you very much >> let me read a few more names.
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(reading names) >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm with the coalition of san francisco neighborhood. i want to thank you for trying to improve our sequa policies and procedures. however, i'd like to make a comment in regards to this process. as we all know this process didn't start with supervisor wiener. it has going on for 7 or 8 years. at this point seems like a long marathon of 8 years and now it seems like people want to do the sprint to the finish line.
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enough time has been spent but we have to be diligent. we need to explore all avenues and autopsy optioned and unfortunately, if we sprint to the end we'll not have the opportunity to see supervisors kim legislation and supervisor wiener's legislation side by side. we need adequate time. we need at least until the end of may for the process to be completed. so, please do not short circuit this process. one of the things that are important that was mentioned earlier is the powers of the e r o. it maybe truthful but we need
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clear guidelines and we need an appeal process. so thank you supervisor kim for having that. this is not a sprint we need the time we need to have optioned. thank you >> thank you. >> supervisors we're on record as supporting supervisors wiener's current legislation. this process i guess testament to the degree of importance that we all hold sequa in. it's the standard-bearer of laws in the long run. it serves a good purpose but it's if it's allowed to be
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abused it's bad. so the fact we're here having this conversation about codifying the process is a wonderful process. i would take a little bit of disagreement about sprinting to the finish line i think we're close to codifying rolls rules for projects and for mitigating the process is important. the sequa process impacts residents who are both neighbors of projects and it has to be fair to both currently it's not
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fair to either. i think supervisors chu's ideas but we hope in the next couple of weeks it benefits all the residents of the city >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> i just wanted to i'm not going to reap the previous speakers who have spoken. but i want to voice my southern this not be rushed through without having supervisors kim's amendment if you want to get this right slow down. let it work through the process. i haven't really taken the time to look and read supervisor chu's amendment but i did kind
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of like what was saying. i can't say if i fully support those amendments. it's also good to see supervisor campos wisdom on those matters >> thank you. next speaker >> gadget. we're on record supporting supervisor wiener's proposal. we had a quick look at president chu's remarks we realso support the majority the only one we want to look at is the putting all the deals to the full board. maybe the smaller ones but on
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the whole he think they're very wise maementsdz we we looked to a vote on the full proposal. i would second the comments by matthew reagan this process has been going on a long time and it's time to have a vote and supervisor kim's proposal has been out there for review and have incorporation of, you know, some of the ideas in there. i especially like the focus on the making sure that the public notice piece is up and running fully i think that's key to all the proposals making sure that online piece is fully functioning and have an opportunity for publication as well. i want to emphasize that the
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center of cycling we do work with folks with feasibility and for the small community developers having a fair process in place it is key. everyone wants to have their say in having good public notification gives everyone their change to have their say. >> supervisors. we've all been shaq our his side with what's going on in washington about the background debates. it's developed into political posturing. i hope you won't let it having happen to this debate. i hope your efforts to - i hope
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you will continue to help the people whose efforts need you. this is the classic san francisco stereotype developer bad - community good that were in the 6 cases i've been involved with this is the city of san francisco attempting to make his residence. and a small amount of individuals have been adding money and time to the project. a million dollars in legal costs almost 3 years of delays while the community waited for a project they very much said.
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i hope the political insiders who use sequa to yield power over their communities that sequa won't derail this project. please remind us in those debates we don't have the power but we look to you for the power to help things stay balanced. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker >> supervisors david. the rooms tenants association we support supervisor kim's legislation. we support it among other reasons because it's superior
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noting requirement. and show more respect for historic buildings. we were blind sited by the installation of two humanely signs on the post office recently. this is a gem of a building and was designed by the architect of the hotel. those signs demonstrate the clear need to strengthen the planning process and improve noting and respect historic buildings. we live across the street are from the long shore building where the developer wanted to destroy. i understood a planning commissioner said he